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Thanks for checking out my TRADING PAGE. Just use the buttons at the top of the page to get around. I update this page when ever I get new stuff in. And now it is easy to find my NEW post, just look for the word NEW next to the show I just posted. Also the shows with * next to it, mean that that show is recorded as one long song(track).

I grade my shows on an A to F scale. This scale goes for the Audio and Video shows I have.
I just grade on the recorded quality, not how good I thought the show was.

A = Most shows will look and or sound very good for a bootleg - but it is not the same as a commercially release recording.

B = Any show with this grade or higher will be very enjoyable to listen to or watch.

C = Shows have some audio or visual flaws. Some show lack in bass , but the treble maybe very clean.
Other shows sound might sound muffled or bass heavy or the vox might be drowned out.

D = Shows were recorded at lower recording levels, increasing tape hiss. This is for fans only.

F = Well this means pretty much I have this show to trade, you get the idea here.

I am currently trying to put all my video (VHS) shows onto DVD. If the show you want is not listed as being on DVD ask me about it as I am always working on this.
Also sorry about all the pop up ad stuff on this site. It is a FREE host site so what can I say?

Any questions please