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1- Don't rip me off

2-I do not sell anything. Nor is anything on this site for sale. I just trade.

3-If i have time i will do 2 for 1 trades. (2 blank cds or 2 blank video tapes for 1 show)

4-When trading video record only on SP (2 hour mode)

5- When Trading Audio please include set list (when possable)

6-If trading for something on tape use MAXELL XLII tapes (they are just better)

7-When Trading CDs it really does not matter what is used. Just no walmart or kmart type cds please. And please let me know if you are or are not going to send the case.

8-When Trading CDs please burn them with DISC-AT-ONCE or ADAPTEC TOAST (or a program like these) that way i can read them as well as burn them again. THIS IS VERY IMPORTANT!

9-If you contact me first you send first (unless i have traded with you then we send at the sametime or what ever we have worked out).

10-Send everything Priority Mail, it is a little more but gets there faster. I will do the same(also unless we agree on something else)

11-That was not to bad. Any questions please e-mail me.