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I really did not want to have to put one of these pages up for bad traders but I had to because of this guy.....

Brad Cohen
209 Mayhew Drive
South Orange, NJ 07079

He also goes by the names drwrank, Billy Fakename and at (when that forum was up) he goes by Tobias Tiger and Misfits Mark. DO NOT TRADE WITH THIS ASSHOLE. E-mail him and tell him he is a shithead or or or

Brad here said to send the trade to him first so i did. Then he did not send me the stuff we agreed on to trade. He then tried to say that he was busy and he would send me my stuff. 4 months pasted and he still did not send me my stuff after telling me he would make things right. And now he will not answer my e-mails. I then found out he was selling the stuff i sent to him FREE on e-bay.

Rob Johnson
3871 Northside Drive Apt. H3
Macon, GA 31210

ROB here just did the old well i sent it but it got sent back to me deal. What a butthead. This guy went to the REVERND HOTON HEAT message board, when that was up and running.. If you see him (he posts as ROB) tell him is is an ass. Oh yea here is his e-mail address, Many people should e-mal him and tell him he sucks. And send him spam, he loves spam!

Sergio Alvarado Ramirez
Insurgentes Sur 1457
Col. Insurgents-Mixcoac
Del Benito Juarez
CP 03920
Mexico, DF Mexico

Dude here got my show and said he sent it out and that i should have it soon. I re-email him to say I did not get it after 2 weeks. I was told it was resent. Well guess what i am still waiting. So do not trade with this guy. And it was for a KISS show, he also goes to the KISS KOLLECTERS boards. His email is send him mad spam, he needs it.